佐藤 朋子 |

1990 長野県生まれ、神奈川県横浜市在住
2018 東京藝術大学大学院映像研究科メディア映像専攻修了
2016 東京藝術大学美術学部先端藝術表現科卒業

パフォーマンスや映像などのメディアを用いて作品制作を行う。近年は、出身地で聞いた「狐につままれた話」のリサーチから、正本がなく語り直され続けてきた狐と人間の物語・説経節『信太妻』に出会い、『しろきつねプロジェクト』を行う。語りのメディアを、説経節の声/傘・ゴザ・簓から、現代の語りの形であるレクチャーパフォーマンスの声/PowerPointへ更新し、現代で説経節は可能か、実践をする。修了制作では、近代で『信太妻』をオペラにしようとし未完に終わった岡倉覚三(岡倉天心)の"The White Fox"をとりあげ、『信太妻』を語り直すレクチャーパフォーマンス『隠された歌 :Lecture Performance "The White Fox"』を発表。

Exhibitons and Performances
2018 東京藝術大学大学院映像研究科修了展(BankART Studio NYK、横浜)
2016 第64回東京芸術大学卒業制作展(東京都美術館、東京)

Other Projects



Born Nagano, 1990. Lives and works in Yokohama, Japan.

2018 Tokyo University of the Arts, Master of Film and New Media, Department of New Media
2016 Tokyo University of the Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Intermedia Art

Works mainly on performance and video. In recent years, she works on a project named “SHIRO-KISTUNE Project”.
She started the project since encountering Sekkyo-bushi(sermon-ballads) “Shinodazuma” (a story of a fox and a man) which has been recited in many different forms throughout the history and has no original script, from a research of stories/experiments of being possessed by a fox which she had heard in Nagano which is her hometown. On a theme of “How to do Sekkyo-bushi(sermon-ballads) in our contemporary society” with updating the media of narration from Sekkyo-bushi(sermon-ballads)'s voice/mat/bamboo-whisk to voice/PowerPoint, she makes lecture performances. In her graduate work, she presented a lecture performance “ A Hidden Song :Lecture Performance "The White Fox"” to recite “Shinodazuma” taking on a subject of “The White Fox” by Kakuzo(Tenshin) Okakura which was a one he tried to recite “Shinodazuma”,but ended to be unfinished.

Exhibitions and Performances
2018 Graduation Works Exhibition, Show, Media Practice17-18, BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama
2016 The 64th Graduation Works Exhibitions, Tokyo University of theArts, Tokyo

Other Projects
2017 Directed “Highlights of Representation of Kishii's play.”, blanClass, Yokohama
(exhibited the whole year of the program for 2 days )
2016-17 Participated as a presenter every month of “Representation of Kishii's play.”, blanClass, Yokohama
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