Born in Nagano in 1990. Lives and works in Yokohama.
Sato obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Film and New Media from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2018. Making use of a lecture format, Sato’s practice focuses on narratives. By linking issues that arise in the process of investigating historical facts in a multifaceted way, Sato constructs a story that interweaves fiction and documentary. Sato’s works are the product of her interest in Japan’s pursuit of a distorted form of modernization and the plurality conveyed by events that have fallen through the cracks of History with a capital H as well as her attraction to legends and ruins that survive in various places.

2018 Tokyo University of the Arts, Master of Film and New Media, Department of New Media
2016 Tokyo University of the Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Intermedia Art

2020 "The Reversed Song, A Lecture on 'Shiro-Kitsune (The White Fox)'", TPAM Fringe 2020, Yokohama
2019 "Museum", theca (honkbooks), Tokyo
2019 "The Double Tsuburaya", SHIBAURA HOUSE, Tokyo
2018 "The Debris and Tower", Asakusa Public Hall, Tokyo
2018 "The Reversed Song, A Lecture on 'Shiro-Kitsune (The White Fox)'", BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama

[Solo Exhibition]
2019 "Centaurus on Route 103", Gallery Saitou Fine arts, Yokohama

[Group Exhibition]
2020 Emergency Call, Online(
2018 MEDIA PRACTICE 2018, Tokyo University of the Arts, Yokohama
2016 The 64th Graduation Works Exhibitions, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

2019 RAM PRACTICE 2019, Shibuya Euro Live, Tokyo

[Collaboration Works]
2019 Allergen Theatre "NOT IN KANSAS", Text Contribution
2018 "Letter on the Blind" with Kyle Yamada, Performance, Wakabacho WHARF, Yokohama
2018 "Utaitakunakute-shinda-ohimesama-no-hanashi" with Reina Kimura and Daisuke Kishii, Performance, Kitasenju, Tokyo

2019 ARCUS Project/Hospitalfield Exchange Residency Program 2019, Scotland, UK